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Google has offered snapshots of satellite images taken over the past thirty years shows change places on Earth features such as Dubai and forests of Brazil, Saudi Arabia and the Las Vegas during those years.

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Ruud van Empel - World (2005)

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Bananas & Grapefruit No. 1 by Roy Lichtenstein

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Leaf Silicone Pocket Cup
Going on hikes, going camping or even just going for a stroll around the neighborhood, it is important to stay hydrated and it’s easy to do so with this leaf-shaped pocket pouch.Leaf Silicone Pocket Cup fits right in your bag or pocket. Eco friendly both in looks and in how it reduces the number of plastic cups you use at the water cooler. 

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Avoid the friendship of those who constantly inquire and discuss the flaws of others.

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This is a ‘where are you visting from?’ board at a local restaurant

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